"International Journal of Mosquito Research"

Vol-3, Issue-1

Larvicidal and oviposition deterrent activity of twenty three essential oils against Aedes aegypti

Authors: Ashish Uniyal, Sachin Narayanrao Tikar, Om Prakash Agrawal, Devanathan Sukumaran, Vijay Veer
Dengue and Chikungunya transmitted by Aedes aegypti cause more human mortality. Use of plant based chemical as insecticide are safe and alternative method as compared to synthetic chemicals for controlling dengue virus transmission. Twenty three essential oils were screened against Ae. aegypti under laboratory condition using larvicidal and ovipostion deterrent bioassay methods. In the result of larvicidal experiment, Litsea showed effective result at four concentrations viz., 10 mg/l, 50 mg/l, 100 mg/l and 500 mg/l with the value of LC50: 46.775 (95% CI= 30.868 - 67.463). In the study of oviposition deterrent activity,litsea showed effective repellency was 33.83%, 71.47% and 87.17% at 10 mg/l, 50 mg/l and 100 mg/l respectively. These results indicated that the essential oil of Litseaserved as effective larvicidal and oviposition deterrent activity against Ae. aegypti.

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