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Vol. 7, Issue 1, Part A (2020)

Study on the satellite based assessment of malaria mosquitogenic conditions in and around Dehradun

Author(s): Beena Joshi Bhatt
Abstract: The relevant satellite data after procuring from National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA) was analysed using ERDAS Imagine version 8.6 and IDRISI version 2. Based on supervised classification and land use patterns, the mosquitogenic conditions have been verified in the study area by using satellite imagery (PAN, LISS-III and WIFS) as well as by paying a visit to the field. On the basis of mosquito breeding in various habitats, it concludes that the river beds, rain water collection, pools, flooded agricultural fields, canals, ponds, marshy areas have been found to be the potent breeding habitats of mosquitoes. The survey work conducted during the year 2004 and 2005 reveals occurrence of 15 species of Anopheles (An. aconitus, An. annularis, An. culicifacies, An. fluviatilis, An. gigas, An. jeyporiensis, An. lindesayi, An. maculatus, An. nigerrimus, An. splendidus, An. stephensi, An. subpictus, An. theobaldi, An. vagus and An. varuna), besides Aedes sp., Culex sp., Armigeres sp. and Uranotaenia sp. in three study belts namely, Kalsi-Vikasnagar, Sahaspur-Selaqui and Raipur-Doiwala belt in district Dehradun. Considering, the population of Anophelines as harboured in all the three different belts, it was maximum at Raipur-Doiwala belt followed by Sahaspur-Selaqui and Kalsi-Vikasnagar belts in succession. At Kalsi-Vikasnagar and Raipur-Doiwala belt, 12 species of Anopheles were found as adults. However, the immature density was recorded more in Kalsi-Vikasnagar belt (11) than Raipur-Doiwala belt (9). In Sahaspur-Selaqui belt, 11 species of adult Anopheles and only 9 species of immature forms were recorded.
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Beena Joshi Bhatt. Study on the satellite based assessment of malaria mosquitogenic conditions in and around Dehradun. Int J Mosq Res 2020;7(1):08-15.
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