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International Journal of Mosquito Research
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Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part A (2018)

Effective mosquito repellent from plant based formulation

Author(s): Dhara Shukla, Samudrika Wijayapala and Padma S Vankar
Abstract: All over the developing countries in the tropical region mosquito menace has been very acute leading to many diseases. Many chemicals have been used for the purpose of Mosquito repellency or killing, however they are extremely harmful for human beings as well. Recently, commercial repellent products containing plant-based ingredients have gained increasing popularity among consumers, as these are commonly perceived as “safe” in comparison to long-established synthetic repellents. Our paper describes Plant-based repellents for mosquitoes for personal protection measures. Based on the knowledge on traditional repellent plants obtained through ethnobotanical studies, development of new natural products is the need of the hour. The product developed that offers high repellency as well as good consumer safety. Thus this plant-based repellent made from 5 plant leaves has promising results in the field study.
HPLC of Tulsi leaves
Fig.: HPLC of Tulsi leaves
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Dhara Shukla, Samudrika Wijayapala, Padma S Vankar. Effective mosquito repellent from plant based formulation. Int J Mosq Res 2018;5(1):19-24.
International Journal of Mosquito Research
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