"International Journal of Mosquito Research"

Vol-1, Issue-4

Attractiveness test of attractants toward dengue virus vector (Aedes aegypti) into lethal mosquiTrap modifications (LMM)

Authors: Munawir Sazali, Setijono Samino, Amin Setio Leksono

Laboratory tests have been conducted to determine the ability of Lethal MosquiTRAP Modification (LMM). Modification is basically done to maximize the capture ability toward Aedes aegypti mosquitoes with the addition of black color, sticky material and attractants. Disposable plastic bottles were transformed to Lethal mosquiTRAP modification with the addition of attractant sources obtained from hay (Oriza sativa) and red chili (Capsicum annum) infusion and palm sugar (Arenga pinnata) fermentation. Aedes mosquitoes attracted towards different attractant sources are simultaneously killed directly in the trap. Response analysis of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes using different attractant sources was done. There is no significant difference (p=0.984) between different type of attractants, but, the attractant concentrations (10%, 30% and 60%) showed a significant difference (p=0.00<0.05) against number of mosquitoes caught in the trap. Statistical average of mosquitoes trapped showed that concentration of 30% was the best combination in the mosquiTRAP. Thus, expected from laboratory tests such mosquiTRAP can be installed in the environment as a dengue vector control measure.

Fig: Lethal MosquiTRAP modification (LMM)

Fig: Lethal MosquiTRAP modification (LMM)

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