"International Journal of Mosquito Research"

Vol-1, Issue-4

Culicinae diversity (Culicidae: Diptera) from Punjab (India) with reference to impact of ecological changes

Authors: Jagbir Singh Kirti and Simarjit Kaur

Intensive and extensive collection-cum-survey tours were conducted in three major regions of Punjab (Malwa, Doaba and Majha) to study mosquito diversity of the state from 2009- 2011. A total number of 26 species referable to 13 genera were recorded during three years period. All these species were earlier known from Punjab except Culex (Culex) sitiens Wiedemann, Culex (Eumelanomyia) brevipalpi (Giles), Lutzia (Metalutzia) vorax Edwards and Mansonia (Mansonioides) indiana Edwards which are reported for the first time from this agriculture state. Larval characteristics, collection sites, bionomics and vector potential for each of these species are described. A list of Culicinae of Punjab state has also been provided.

Map: Map of Punjab showing various Collection sites surveyed during 2009-2011

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