"International Journal of Mosquito Research"

Vol-1, Issue-3

Perspectives of antiviral RNA interference (RNAi) pathway of insects with special reference to mosquito in the context of dengue infection: a review

Authors: Probal Basu and Sajal Bhattacharya

RNA interference is a post-transcriptional sequence selective gene control mechanism. Antiviral RNA interference (RNAi) pathway is one of the most momentous constituents of the insect innate immune system that can stymie versatile range of RNA virus like flavivirus. It has been demonstrated that RNA production by alphavirus replication is higher in proportion compared to flavivirus replication in mosquito cells. Studies demonstrated that infection by virus from Togaviridae and Bunyaviridae family of arbovirus to mosquito cells causes defect in RNAi response in-vitro but interestingly, it has also been stated that Dengue virus (DENV) could be actively inhibited by RNA interference (RNAi). This article is an endeavor to review the perspectives of the functional significance of antiviral RNA interference as a potent agent of controlling dengue infection in the vector.

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