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International Journal of Mosquito Research
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International Journal of Mosquito Research
Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A (2016)

Molecular epidemiological surveillance of dengue virus and diversity of Aedes species in Tirunelveli district

Author(s): Sakkanan Ilango, Dhanushkodi Athirstalaxmi
Abstract: Dengue is a re-emerging infectious diseases caused by any one serotype of dengue virus (DENV I - IV) and belongs to the family Flaviviridae. In recent years, an increasing number of dengue cases in Tirunelveli district present with unusual clinical manifestations including signs and symptoms involving the central nervous system and the neurological features. Therefore, there is an urgent need to assess the different serotypes and genotype determines dengue virus outbreak severity in the district of Tirunelveli. Methods: A total of 2865 female adult Aedes mosquitoes and 420 blood samples were collected from suspected patients to have dengue fever were subjected to antigen capture ELISA. All the dengue positive samples, RNA were isolated by using virus nucleic acid extraction kit and the dengue RNA used as a template for cDNA synthesis by RT-PCR and fragmented using restriction endonuclease on the BanII enzyme. Results: A total of 152 mosquitoes were DEN positive by either dengue IgM capture assay (n = 135) or antigen capture ELISA (n = 49) or both (n = 32). High rainfall and humidity with the temperature might have favored to the breeding and transmission of Aedes, in consequence leading to an increase in the number of dengue mosquitoes. Conclusion: The up-to-date information of circulating dengue virus strains combined to the available epidemiological information aids in better understanding of the nature of the epidemics in the endemic areas.
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Sakkanan Ilango, Dhanushkodi Athirstalaxmi. Molecular epidemiological surveillance of dengue virus and diversity of Aedes species in Tirunelveli district. International Journal of Mosquito Research. 2016; 3(1): 35-38.
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